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Cracow Airport

Balice (Zabierzów)          KRK       

Cracow John Paul II International Airport

Web Site: www.krakowairport.pl

Kraków Airport TAXI

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Kraków Airport Taxi:

Prices in the zones are fixed and independent of the route and duration of the journey, time of day and day of the week.

Initial Charge  –0 PLN

Zone 1 do 4,9 km 29 PLN
Zone 2  5 – 9,9 km 49 PLN
Zone 3 10 – 14,9 km 69 PLN
Zone 4 15 – 19,9 km 89 PLN
Zone 5 20 – 24,9 km 109 PLN

Other rates (over 24.9 km and additional courses in the zone) are carried out according to the taximeter’s indications. The initial fee in such a situation is PLN 7. However, in all tariffs, the fee for one hour of parking is PLN 35.

Reservations can be made online or by phone. More details on the website: http://www.krktaxi.pl/pl/rezerwacja